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Ferro Silicon Zirconium
Product name:Ferro Silicon Zirconium

Detailed description


The content packaging particle size may be based on customer demand production

1. It intenses the graphite core and thinning the graphite core, promotes the obtaining of A-type graphite in gray iron and improving the roundness of graphite in nodular iron. 

2. Reduce the tendency of white iron and reduce the relative hardness. 

3. High anti-decline ability. Prevent declining of inoculant and nodular iron.

4. Enhance the section uniformity and prevent the shrink tendency. 

5. Steady chemical composition. Even processing granularity. Small deviation in quality and ingredients.

6. Low melting point(approaching 1300℃). Easy for melting absorb and has little dross.

7. Special inoculant can be produced according to customer’s demand.  

8. Granularity supplying: 0.2-0.7mm,0.7-1.0mm,1.0-3.0mm,3.0-8.0mm.

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