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Calcium Silicon Manganese
Product name:Calcium Silicon Manganese

Detailed description


The content packaging particle size may be based on customer demand production

Product introduction: 

calcium silicon manganese deoxidization, desulfurization and remove inclusion ability is strong, and the low melting point, melting speed, good fluidity, can shorten the time refining, reduce the power consumption refining. In addition, use in no soot, no flame, safety and environment of good. It is applicable for various steelmaking form of deoxidization, especially suitable for steel-making deoxidizing and with 3-5 KG per ton steel. Deoxidization, desulfurization ability, effectively improve the molten steel liquidity, purify the molten steel, reduce the impurity in steel, a large number of steelmaking reduce the cost and improve the economic benefits

Product use: 

the calcium silicon manganese used for high quality steel, low carbon steel, steel, stainless steel wire drawing all kinds  

Product advantage: the molten steel deep deoxidization, for steel does not increase silicon steel, does not increase the development and production of nitrogen of aluminium technology deoxidizer. Adsorption inclusions in the steel, obviously improve the liquidity of molten steel, solve the continuous casting billet subcutaneous porosity and water flocculation.

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