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FeSi Alloy
Product name:FeSi Alloy

Detailed description


The content packaging particle size may be customized as per request.

The product adopts the one-stage process production and gets its form in secondary thin pouring. It also has the high Si content, high Re retrieving, easy to adjusting and other characteristics.

The product is assembly compacted, with even chemical composition. It is with silver-gray appearance and metallic luster. Hard and easy to crush.

It is suitable to be used as the additive in steelmaking and iron-casting, or as the intermediate alloy of rare earth. It can also serve as the inoculant of gray casting iron, ductile casting iron and vermicular casting iron. It is the important additive in all kinds of inoculant, nodulizing and vermiculazing agent.

It can also be used in fields, such as the electrode coating, dressing medicament, chemical industry, glass, ceramics, building materials and other fields.

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