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Ferro Silicon Magnesium alloy
Product name:Ferro Silicon Magnesium alloy

Detailed description


The content packaging particle size may be customized as per request.

Uses the advanced smelting craft production the nodulizer product, the organization is compact, the ingredient is stable, does not have the deflection evenly, the MgO content is low.

The spheroidization response is steady, the magnesium absorption rate is high, the anti-decline time is long. After sheroidizing, the stone ball not a strike circle entire, tiny, the tendency is small.

Ingoods supply granularity 0.5-6mm, 1-10mm, 1-20mm, 3-25mm, outside arrange model the double-decked bag packing, each bag of net weight 25Kg. May also act according to the customer request processing packing.

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